We can fast-track your product into stores!

We are able to help launch your product and take it to market in record time!

We understand that it can be difficult and time-consuming to discover and open the best sales channels to sell your products. At ChannelLinx, we specialize in finding the best partners and sales channels for your unique products and services.

Our proven sales channels include high-traffic locations, club roadshows, special events, fairs, expos and home shows. We also provide merchandising services for inventory management, clean-up, resets and continuity visits; which, ultimately, increases efficiency and sales numbers. Our promise is to represent your brand and products in a professional manner while increasing your sales.

We are excited to work with your company and put our advanced resources and experience to use, which will save your valuable time, increase your sales and enhance your bottom line.

Brand Representation | Marketing | Product Placement

Logistics | Warehousing | Fulfillment

At ChannelLinx, we tailor customized solutions for our clients, which produce high-performing branding experiences, roadshows and events. The key to our success is linking manufacturers and products with the appropriate, proven sales channels.

Throughout our management team’s 30 years of combined roadshow and special event experience, we have identified what works and what does not. We work hard to develop custom-tailored events and opportunities, that will best express your branding and sell your products.

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There Are Multiple Ways We Can Help Grow Your Business

Product Launches

We specialize in launching new products into the market quickly. We can assist with logistics, warehousing and fulfillment solutions. We specialize in end-to-end brand representation and management.

Proven Sales Channels

We have established successful sales and marketing channels, which include Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized brands, and regional and local businesses. Our channels include both online and traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.

Professional Merchandising

We provide merchandising services for inventory management, clean-up, resets and continuity visits to increases efficiency and boost sales.

Special Events

From large events to small shows, we provide the perfect experience and environment for demonstrating and selling your products.

Expos, Fairs, Home Shows

Brand ambassadors are used in a variety of special events, including car shows, beverage promotions, sporting events, home shows and much more!

Club Roadshows

We develop custom-tailored roadshows inside major retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club. We connect you with the appropriate, necessary high-volume sales channels.

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